The overall goal of the dialogue is to provide information on civic inclusion in development decision-making, that will feed ongoing policy debates in preparation for the World Conference Against Racism. The dialogue would focus on issues of racial discrimination, social, and economic exclusion and include civil society organizations representing different racial and ethnic groups. Beyond identifying the root causes and manifestations of social exclusion, it is expected that the cross-cultural dialogue would draw upon experiences, policies and good practices that enable the inclusion of citizens of such groups into decision making pertaining to their own development, and that of their countries and communities.

The objective is to organize two regional conferences to bring together civil society organizations, policy makers/specialists, and decision makers with the aim of: i) exploring policies and practices to include racial, ethnic, and other socially excluded groups in economically viable projects that ensure their livelihoods; ii) identifying actions and policies oriented to increase the participation of excluded groups in formal and informal education programs; iii) exploring mechanisms and avenues for excluded groups to fully participate in local, national, and international policy debates that affect their lives and the exercise of full citizenship. It is proposed that the Conferences be held May 11- 14, in Barbados for the Latin America and the Caribbean region; and May 24-27, in Kenya or Nigeria for the Africa Region.

Reports From Consultation

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