Core Values & Beliefs

At IPU, we believe values guide people's actions.  IPU is committed to:

  • Respect.  We believe individuals should be respected and treated with respect.
  • Honesty.  We believe in telling the truth to the best of our ability. 
  • Integrity.  Our actions are responsibly guided by integrity.
  • Passion.  We work hard, but believe work should be fun.  Being serious about issues does not mean we are boring and stuffy.
  • Frugality.  We believe in being frugal.  That means, we do our best to conserve the organization's resources and also guard the planet's resources.  We recycle.
  • Learning.  We know that acquiring knowledge is an ongoing process.  We take education seriously.   Through education, we are working to build an environment where people, young and old, male and female become intellectually empowered and learn from each other.
  • Humility.  We make mistakes, but we learn from them.
  • Clarity.  We seek clarity in all things.  We seek to always understand our mission, our goals, and what we expect from individuals and experiences.
  • Relationships.  We understand the significance of relationship building. We attempt to be respectful and courteous in all our dealings with individuals and groups.
  • Urgency.  We own problems and try to be responsive.
  • Multidimensional methodology.  We want to meet people where they are and be sensitive to and appropriate with regard to the way people learn and behave.
  • Collective leadership.  We believe that when we work together, we work more effectively.
  • Progressive social change.  We do not merely seek social justice, but changes in the various power structures around the world; changes that reflect the diversity and equity we work to promote.
  • Internationalist perspective.  We believe the destinies of black people who live in the United States are inextricably linked to the destinies of Afridiasporic peoples throughout the world. 
  • International travel.  We believe traveling outside of our own cities or towns is often life altering (positively).  Thus, we embrace and support international travel.
  • Equity.  We are working to create an organizational culture free from classism, ageism, sexist oppression, racism, and other related intolerance.
  • People of African descent.  While we work with people with various ethnic backgrounds, and of all races, we emphasize working with people of African descent living in America.

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